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Namaste Yoga: The Television Series – Season One, Part One

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Namaste Yoga: The Original Series

The original series of Namaste was designed

for people who want to become fitter, live

healthier, and be happier. With this series,

you can experience what yoga at home

should feel like: stunning visuals,

soothing music, and entirely original

movement sequences that will calm the mind,

strengthen the body, and inspire the soul.

We know that when it comes to choosing a

yoga DVD, there are a lot of options for

you. Here are a few qualities that we feel

make us unique:

Universal.Namaste was designed for

you. Whether you are brand new to yoga or

have been practicing for years, our

sequences can always be used to enhance your

wellbeing – no matter what stage of life or

level of fitness.

Original. Kate Potter's style is

unique to Namaste Yoga. Our sequences

combine postures in ways not found in any

other style of yoga. The sequences emphasize

flowing, graceful movements and gentle

learning through repetition.

Complete. Not everyone has 90 minutes

every day to devote to a yoga practice. At

only 22 minutes per episode, Namaste is a

complete yoga practice for tight schedules.

And for those days when you just can't get

off the mat, there are hundreds of ways to

combine the sequences for a customized

practice that is your ideal length.

Inspiring. With stunning visuals,

soothing music, and gentle instruction,

Namaste Yoga strives to go beyond ordinary

workout DVDs to inspire you to reach all of

your health and wellbeing goals – both on

and off the mat.

Proven. Thousands of people have lost

weight and gained flexibility, strength, and

confidence by practicing Namaste Yoga.

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Namaste Yoga: Season One, Part One contains six 22-minute episodes

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