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Released: 2013-01-15

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – Complete Series – Blu-ray by Funimation! Unidisc

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Funimation! Unidisc

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The broadcast series Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt (2010) plays like a mash-up of Dirty Pair, The Powerpuff Girls, and Super Milk-Chan. The Anarchy Sisters are technically angels who were kicked out of heaven for bad behavior (how they got there in the first place is anyone's guess). They're condemned to fight ghosts in Daten City until they earn enough “heaven coins” to buy their way back in. Blonde Panty wants to have sex with every male she encounters; dark-haired Stockings constantly stuffs herself with sweets. They're sent on missions by the dubious African-American caricature Garterbelt, a thug-turned-reverend with a secret fondness for young men. When the going gets tough, the sisters get tougher: Panty's panties turn into a gun and Stockings' stockings into swords, weapons that enable them to wreak havoc on the threatening ghosts. Panty & Stockings is crude in every sense of the word: The designs are awkward and unattractive; the animation is minimal; and the dialogue is a nonstop string of profanity that makes the cast of South Park sound like choirboys. The writers trot out an endless and unfunny stream of gags about nose picking, excrement, vomit, genitals, flatulence, circumcision, etc., which the vocal cast screams out frantically. Even a potentially clever spoof of Transformers gets buried in the avalanche of obscenities. Watching Panty & Stockings is like sitting through a string of junior high locker-room jokes on fast forward. (Rated TV MA: extensive profanity, cartoon violence, nudity, alcohol and tobacco use; offensive ethnic and religious stereotypes; sexual, toilet, and gross humor) –Charles Solomon

(1. Excretion Without Honor and Humanity / Death Race 2010, 2. The Turmoil of the Beehive / Sex and Daten City, 3. Catfight Club / Pulp Addiction, 4. The Diet Syndrome / High School Nudical, 5. Raiders of the Nasal Dark / Vomiting Point, 6. Les Diaboliques, 7. Trans-Homme / The Stripping, 8. Of the Dead / One Angry Ghost, 9. If the Angels Wore Swimsuits / Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City, 10. Interbrief / Chuck to the Future / Chuck to the Future Part 2 / Chuck to the Future Part 3 / (Help) We Are Angels, 11. Once Upon a Time… in Garterbelt / Nothing to Room, 12. DC Confidential / Panty + Brief, 13. Bitch Girls / Bitch Girls 2)

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